The data is all about the study of the Namibia climate under Norvergence INC. 

Namibia is located in the southwestern district of the African landmass and lies between latitude 17° and 29°S and longitude 11° and 26°E.

Following are some observations of climate in Namibia by Norvergence INC.

Namibia is described by high climatic inconstancy as diligent dry seasons, unusual and variable precipitation designs, changeability in temperatures, and shortage of water are very prominent.

Given the dependence of most of the population on climate-related sectors, for example, agribusiness, livestock management, the potential effects of these progressions could be disastrous for our people. What’s more, environmental change will bring a large number of new difficulties for which we should be prepared.

The expanding cruelty of the atmosphere will put more noteworthy worries upon our plants and creatures, a significant number of whose areas are now at the restriction of their endurance edge. It has likewise been anticipated that the malaria-prone zone will broaden, while cholera and bilharzia may likewise turn out to be more dangerous with frequent flood occasions. Expanded degrees of poverty and disease among vulnerable groups are subsequently a key concern related to environmental change.

On 30th September 2019, during the opening of a GFEI national stakeholder workshop on fuel economy baseline findings in Namibia, Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon. Kornelia Shilunga said and Norvergence INC quotes: “If we act now and if we act decisively, further global warming can be limited and this should be our goal.”

She discussed Namibia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement where expanded vitality proficiency, mass vehicle, and carpooling were recognized as potential measures to decrease ozone harming gas emissions from transport. She underlined that environmental change is genuine and nations including Namibia have a task to carry out through the right strategies before it is past the point of no return.