Norvergence: Should we add climate change as a reason in death certificates?

Norvergence scientists during analyzing different reasons for death among every generation have found that heart attacks, lung failure, cancer, stroke, injuries, etc, are very prominent.  

On the other hand, we breathed hazardous air, suffered through heat due to record-breaking temperature, drink contaminated water, etc. But, death certificates never reflect climate change as a death reason.  

Let’s understand it more deeply. 

Various factors in life impact health and wellbeing.  Education, economics, geography, and relationships have also influenced how the disease progresses.  

The indigenous habitat where we live in is the other prevailing impact on our wellbeing and prosperity. Temperature, climate, and the atmosphere have consistently influenced our wellbeing, even as we have gotten better at building safe houses and homes to shield ourselves from the components. 

The above discussed personal and environmental factors have a powerful influence on life expectancy.  

But, in spite of this solid impact, these factors are significantly less reflected in our mortality information. Specialists or doctors are progressively proficient in understanding the outcomes of these social determinants, yet they regularly still consider these to be as auxiliary and not deserving of a similar consideration. 

Norvergence: A Case Study of Australia 

Australian National University published research according to which 2% of mortality in Australia is influenced by very hot temperatures. Also, another research published in the Medical Journal of Australia suggests that mortality from bushfire smoke over summer months from November to February was likely to be more than 400 people. 


Overall, Norvergence believes that climate change both directly and indirectly threatens the health and wellbeing of the majority of people. We have to address it to create a safer, kinder, and cleaner world. 

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