Norvergence: COVID-19 Effect on Global Natural Gas Market

Norvergence: The COVID-19 emergency and winter in the northern half of the globe have conveyed a noteworthy stun to the worldwide petroleum gas market, the International Energy Agency said in a report.

Worldwide gas demand is predicted to fall by four percent or 150 billion cubic meters (bcm) – double the size of the drop following the 2008 worldwide monetary emergency.


Every significant gas markets are encountering falls in demand, as indicated by the IEA’s most recent annual market report Gas 2020. Mature markets across Europe, North America, and Asia are a gauge to see the biggest drops for the entire year, representing 75 percent of total gas request decline in 2020.

Gaseous petrol has so far encountered a less serious effect than oil and coal, yet it is a long way from being immune amid the current emergency. The recorded decrease this year represents a measurable and dramatic change for an industry that had gotten used to a solid increase in demand.


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