Norvergence quotes:  In 1998, U.N. guns reviewer Scott Ritter resigned in dissent and blamed the worldwide network for not giving him and his partners the assistance they expected to play out their assignment in Iraq, which had concurred in 1991 to destroy its chemical weapons reserve.

source - vox
source – vox

In September 1998, he was called to affirm before the Senate and Joe Biden who was then the highest-ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations council said paying little heed to how nitty-gritty the appraisals are, the most ideal approach to eliminate the threat was to oust Saddam Hussein.

The basic methodology is to keep approves set up to keep Saddam from getting the billions of dollars that would allow him to torque up his program, which neither you nor I accept he’s ever going to abandon as long as he’s set up.

Joe Bidden - Iraq war

For whatever length of time that Saddam is in control, there is no reasonable chance that you (Scott) or some other assessor is ever going to guarantee that we have revealed, root, and part of the entire of Saddam’s program similar with weapons of mass demolition.

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