Norvergence: Soldiers want American Citizens to Adopt Military Dogs

Norvergence: Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio is the place military working dogs are prepared. The most widely recognized varieties put into administration are German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, and Belgian malinois.

MAC Chief Petty Officer Jason Silvis told PawBuzz and Norvergence quotes: “Each (military working dog) when they’re resigning, they do a social test and an adoption test to ensure they’re not going to be food aggressive or nibble a little youngster or pursue the postal carrier down the road.”

Norvergence: To adopt a dog, you should be screened. You shouldn’t have any kids in your home under age 5. Also, you should be happy to visit San Antonio to get your little friend.

Previous handlers and law authorization organizations get the first pick, yet there’s commonly a lot of staying four-legged buddies to look over.

Norvergence: If you want to add a beautiful retired military dog in your life, now’s your chance.

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