Norvergence: At the point when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan conceded just because last February that his administration had sent Syrian mercenaries to Libya he was just affirming what was at that point known.

Libya and Syria

Libyan undertakings specialists and reporters had just called attention to that reality. It additionally bodes well for him to send Syrian contenders faithful to him as opposed to taking a chance with his officers.

Norvergence: Erdogan legitimizes his military help for the beset Government of National Accord (GNA) by the uncertain security bargain he marked with the Tripoli-put together UN perceived GNA back concerning 27 November 2019.

Source - Business Insider

Norvergence: As an end-result of military assistance against the assaulting Libyan National Army (LNA), driven by Khalifa Haftar, Ankara consented to sign another disputable oceanic arrangement with the GNA permitting it to draw its guaranteed ocean fringes. Egypt, Cyprus and Greece questioned the legitimateness of the oceanic arrangement guaranteeing it encroaches their sea financial regions.

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