Norvergence: Motivated by the teenaged activist Greta Thunberg, Indian environmentalist Disha Ravi has battled against environmental change, driven tree-planting drives and battled improvement projects in delicate biological systems.

Source - Scroll

Ravi, 22, was held in a New Delhi prison on doubt of rebellion, wrongdoing deserving of life in jail. Her supposed offence: teaming up with Thunberg on an online media mission to help Indian farmers went against new horticultural promoting laws.

Norvergence:  Ravi’s confinement, for what New Delhi police guarantee is a “worldwide connivance” against India, mirrors the inexorably aggressive strategies that the public authority of head administrator Narendra Modi is set up to utilise against disagreeing, as it defies developing general obstruction. 

Source - CNN
Source – CNN

Norvergence:  It has sent shockwaves through India’s extending organisation of youthful ecological activists and stirred up nervousness among guardians about the value their youngsters could pay for standing up.