Norvergence: As indicated by another report from Verisk Maplecroft, Asian cities face the most severe dangers from ecological perils, including outrageous warmth, environmental change and cataclysmic events. Among the 100 urban areas most at risk, 99 are in Asia — with 37 in China and 43 in India. 

Universally, the report discovered that 414 urban areas worldwide, with a populace of more than 1 million each, are defenceless against contamination, decreasing water supplies, outrageous warmth, characteristic dangers and environmental change. All in all, those urban areas are home to 1.4 billion individuals. 

Norvergence: East Asian urban communities are more in danger from cataclysmic events, as indicated by the report. In China, Guangzhou and Dongguan are inclined to flooding. Like Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, the Chinese city of Shenzhen face dangers, including tremors and storms.