Norvergence: Should we add climate change as a reason in death certificates?

Norvergence scientists during analyzing different reasons for death among every generation have found that heart attacks, lung failure, cancer, stroke, injuries, etc, are very prominent.  

On the other hand, we breathed hazardous air, suffered through heat due to record-breaking temperature, drink contaminated water, etc. But, death certificates never reflect climate change as a death reason.  

Let’s understand it more deeply. 

Various factors in life impact health and wellbeing.  Education, economics, geography, and relationships have also influenced how the disease progresses.  

The indigenous habitat where we live in is the other prevailing impact on our wellbeing and prosperity. Temperature, climate, and the atmosphere have consistently influenced our wellbeing, even as we have gotten better at building safe houses and homes to shield ourselves from the components. 

The above discussed personal and environmental factors have a powerful influence on life expectancy.  

But, in spite of this solid impact, these factors are significantly less reflected in our mortality information. Specialists or doctors are progressively proficient in understanding the outcomes of these social determinants, yet they regularly still consider these to be as auxiliary and not deserving of a similar consideration. 

Norvergence: A Case Study of Australia 

Australian National University published research according to which 2% of mortality in Australia is influenced by very hot temperatures. Also, another research published in the Medical Journal of Australia suggests that mortality from bushfire smoke over summer months from November to February was likely to be more than 400 people. 


Overall, Norvergence believes that climate change both directly and indirectly threatens the health and wellbeing of the majority of people. We have to address it to create a safer, kinder, and cleaner world. 

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Norvergence Phone Manual: List of NGOs in Middle Africa

Nowadays, NGOs like Norvergence works to address social issues in nearly every country across the globe. But many people don’t know which NGO is working in their area/city/country/region. Norvergence Phone Manual is a series of blog posts and webpages, where we will inform each and every citizen of the world regarding the NGO, situated in their country. So, without further ado, let’s start: 

Norvergence Phone Manual: NGOs in Middle Africa 

 A.J.M (Accociation de Jeunes Motives) 

Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Abala & Tomorrow 

 Brazzaville, Congo 

Abi Fall Livelihood 

 Buea, Cameroon 

 Abundant Life Ministry for Blind and Deaf Children (ALMBDC) 

 Bamenda, Cameroon 

 Academic and Career Development Initiative Cameroon (ACADI) 

 Bamenda, Cameroon 


 Ndjamena, Chad 


 Ndjamena, Chad 

 Action Centre for Rural Community Development (ACERCD-Cameroon)

Norvergence Phone Manual- Facts: In South Africa alone, there are more than 100,000 registered non-profit organisations 

Buea, Cameroon 

Action Chretienne pour le Development Integral 

Ville de Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Action Civique pour la Paix-ONG 

 Kisangani, Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Action Contre L’Exclusion 

Kasa Vubu, Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Action de Development Agricole 

Comune de Limete, Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Action des jeunes pour le Développement Communautaire et la Paix (ADECOP) 

Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Action des Volontaires Pour l’Education, la Sante, le Travail, et l’Assistance (AVESTA) 

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo 

Norvergence Phone Manual- Facts: The first international NGO was known as the Anti-Slavery Society, formed in 1839.

Action Evanglique de Developpement Holistique (AEDHO) 

Bangui, Central African Republic 

Action for Eradication of Misery and Poverty 

N’Djamena, Chad 

Action for Humane Hospitals 

Douala, Cameroon 


BAMENDA, Cameroon 


Amid Coronavirus, NGOs like Norvergence play an important role in the nation’s struggle for poverty and injustice. Please check the names of  NGOs operating in your country through Norvergence Phone Manual and donate to them to fight with COVID-19.

Norvergence INC (Interdecadal Namibia Climate)

The data is all about the study of the Namibia climate under Norvergence INC. 

Namibia is located in the southwestern district of the African landmass and lies between latitude 17° and 29°S and longitude 11° and 26°E.

Following are some observations of climate in Namibia by Norvergence INC.

Namibia is described by high climatic inconstancy as diligent dry seasons, unusual and variable precipitation designs, changeability in temperatures, and shortage of water are very prominent.

Given the dependence of most of the population on climate-related sectors, for example, agribusiness, livestock management, the potential effects of these progressions could be disastrous for our people. What’s more, environmental change will bring a large number of new difficulties for which we should be prepared.

The expanding cruelty of the atmosphere will put more noteworthy worries upon our plants and creatures, a significant number of whose areas are now at the restriction of their endurance edge. It has likewise been anticipated that the malaria-prone zone will broaden, while cholera and bilharzia may likewise turn out to be more dangerous with frequent flood occasions. Expanded degrees of poverty and disease among vulnerable groups are subsequently a key concern related to environmental change.

On 30th September 2019, during the opening of a GFEI national stakeholder workshop on fuel economy baseline findings in Namibia, Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon. Kornelia Shilunga said and Norvergence INC quotes: “If we act now and if we act decisively, further global warming can be limited and this should be our goal.”

She discussed Namibia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement where expanded vitality proficiency, mass vehicle, and carpooling were recognized as potential measures to decrease ozone harming gas emissions from transport. She underlined that environmental change is genuine and nations including Namibia have a task to carry out through the right strategies before it is past the point of no return.

Assessing The Impact Of Coronavirus On The Environment: By Norvergence

The deadly coronavirus is rapidly spreading in all parts of the world.  Amidst the scare of the pandemic, the environmentalists at Norvergence LLC have highlighted the positive and negative impact of the disease after deeply researching and studying the prevalent situation.

coronavirus updates latest covid-19 pandemic infection background

They have concluded that although greenhouse emissions and vehicular pollution have gone down improving the air quality, healthcare facilities and people have ignored the importance of maintaining clean surroundings.

These facilities are carelessly discarding face masks and hand gloves, and other medical waste used as a precaution to prevent exposure to  the infection. The experts have emphasized on developing methods to dispose of this waste properly and maintain clean surroundings.


Norvergence Newark NJ: Sustainable Development Goals We Adopted

Norvergence Newark NJ is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen peace in larger freedom. We understand that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions is the global challenge and a quintessential requirement for sustainable development. All nations and all stakeholders, appearing in collaborative partnerships, should implement this plan. 

Norvergence Newark NJ: Sustainable Development Goal- Sustainable use of oceans, sears, and marine resources 

Norvergence Newark NJ believes that the enlargement of protected regions for marine biodiversity and present policies and treaties that encourage accountable use of ocean assets are insufficient to combat the detrimental outcomes of overfishing, growing ocean acidification because of climate change and aggravating coastal eutrophication.  

As billions of humans depend on oceans for his or her livelihood and meals source and at the transboundary nature of oceans, expanded efforts and interventions are needed to conserve and sustainably use ocean sources at all ranges. 

Norvergence Newark NJ: Sustainable Development Goal- Combat Climate Change 

With rising greenhouse fuel emissions, climate trade is increasing at rates much faster than predicted and its consequences are surely felt worldwide. Access to finance and reinforced capacities need to be scaled up at a miles faster rate, mainly for least evolved international regions and small island developing States. 

Norvergence Newark NJ also wants to inform you that, as of April 2019, 185 parties had ratified the Paris settlement. parties to the Paris settlement are anticipated to put together, speak and preserve successive nationally determined contributions, and 183 parties had communicated their first nationally decided contributions to the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

Under the agreement, all parties are required to post new nationally determined contributions, containing revised and plenty greater bold targets, through 2020. 

Norvergence Newark NJ: Sustainable Development Goal-Sustainable Production Patterns 

In 2017, worldwide material consumption reached 92.1 billion tons, up from 87 billion in 2015 and a 254 per cent increase from 27 billion in 1970. This reflects the accelerated call for natural resources that has described the past decades, resulting in an undue burden on environmental resources.

Parties to the Montreal Protocol and the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions are required to transmit information on the implementation of their responsibilities under agreements.

But, the rate of transmission varies, with the common compliance rate across these 4 agreements at about 70 percent. 

Apart from all these, there are a number of other sustainable Goals followed by Norvergence Newark NJ. 

National surveys conducted by Norvergence LLC to predict election winner

Norvergence LLC conducted various national surveys in an attempt to predict the winner of the U.S. presidential elections in 2020. Various data and analytic tools were used to predict the winner.

The outcome of the research is that Bernie Sanders has a chance of winning the presidential elections over Trump. However, if Donald Trump gets Russian support, the tables can turn.

The question raised was that will Russia become the Kingmaker again? As they are ready to interfere in the U.S. presidential elections in 2020. The main goal of the Russians is to support Donald Trump in winning the elections.